Andy has written many songs and instrumentals in many different styles, below is a selection of his songs

Pop Songs and Ballads

Take me Back

A disco song in the style of  the group "Steps" 

I had an idea of someone asking someone to take them back again after a break up, then I developed the idea of imagining a time when things were good, hence the chorus "Take me back to where we started"


Olha Lishchyshyn Vocals

Take Me Back Sheet Music

Don't say that I've Lost You 


Written about 1980, a ballad  about regret at not telling someone what you feel about them before it's too late.


Olha Lishchyshyn Vocals


So Long

Written about 1980, a song about someone (me) leaving a lover to go and seek fame and fortune and then realising what they have lost.

I finished the second verse in the last couple of years.

The story starts with a tearful parting at a railway station, where of couse, to add drama, it is raining.


Olha Lishchyshyn Vocals

So long Sheet Music

I can't stand the heartache

A soulfull ballad, recorded live on the QE2 in the Lion bar, very late one night in 1995  with a fabulous vocalist, just piano and vocals I produced a backing track in 2020  and got them matched up.



This Time

A male/female duet, about different perspectives he tells her, we have been togather for such a long time, that this time it is going to work.

She isof a similar mind, as she knows things will work out this time, without him.


David Luke and Olha Lishchyshyn Vocals

This Time Sheet Music

Jazz and Standards type songs

You, wonderful you

I wrote some lyrics 20 years ago or more in a sort of "Cole Porter" Double Entendre way that he does so well, "IF...you were a piano I'd play you... If you were a table I'd Lay you" so I kept on making rhyming couplets. The middle eight came to me as a foil, " But you're you wonderful you so I'l just love you.

Then I came up with the first line of the chorus, "If you were a song I would sing you" 

I quickly wrote the missing verse, which sets things up nicely:


"If I could write a song for youand make a dedication

I'd sing it loud, and to the world, without much...hesitation

I'd try to be impirical but I know I'd wax lyrical

I'm hoping for a mirical, but this will have to do..."

You, wonderful you Sheet Music

Love is Real

I started singing  first line of this song whilst on a campervan trip in Australia, "Love's a conundrum" and it took me a while to finish it, the second line being: "Takes you out of the humdum" 

I attempted to write  chorus of all the things that love is NOT,  in the vain of Sonnet 130, then the tag line fell into place as "Love is Real"

Vocals Andy Law

Love is Real  Sheet Music

My Adventure

I originally wrote this as an instrumental round about 2002, called " Unhuried Love"

Then I started writting words as a wouldbe explorer, giving up his life for a woman who would be his next "adventure "

I am particularly proud of having "peregrenation " and rhyming it with "tintinabulations"

Vocals Andy Law

My Adventure Sheet Music

I'll Settle For You

I wrote this song as a proposal for marriage in the mid nineties, I was working away on a cruise ship, walking along a promonade and it came to me that I wanted to settle down with the girl I was seeing back home.

I thought of me saying to her " I want to settle down with you" and It being taken wrong as "I'd settle for you" I imediately thought of the next line " That doesn't mean that your'e second best" and the payoff, " I wouldn't settle down for anything less"


Vocals Andy Law

I'll Settle for you Sheet Music

Two To Tango

I wrote this song after seeing a lovely old Cuban couple in a cafe, I imagined them in their younger days, then I speculated that they might still dance the Tango with passion and flair.

The verse is in (Mostly) Waltz time, and the chorus is a Tango with some 5/4 bars, hard to dance to!

Vocals Andy Law

Two To Tango Sheet Music

I miss you more than Autumn

A song based on writting a letter telling a loved one just how much you miss them, the writter says he misses Autumn now that it is winter bit he misses his true love more than Autumn and looks forward to seeing her IN Autumn.

Andy Law Vocals

Spiritual and religious songs

The Road to Delphi

On Friday 30 March 1849 two officials of the Westport Poor Law Union arrived in Louisburgh to inspect those people in receipt of outdoor relief to verify that they should continue to receive it.

The inspection, for some reason, did not take place and the two officials went on to Delphi Lodge a hunting lodge 19 kilometres (12 miles) south of Louisburgh where they intended to spend the night.

The people who had gathered for the inspection, or later did so, were consequently instructed to appear at Delphi Lodge at 07:00 the following morning if they wished to continue receiving relief.

For much of the night and day that followed seemingly hundreds of destitute and starving people had to undertake what for them, given their existing state of debilitation, was an extremely fatiguing journey, in very bad weather.

A letter-writer to The Mayo Constitution reported shortly afterwards that the bodies of seven people, including women and children, were subsequently discovered on the roadside between Delphi and Louisburgh overlooking the shores of Doolough lake and that nine more never reached their homes.

Local folklore maintains the total number that perished because of the ordeals they had to endure was far higher.

Vocals Avi Gail

The Road to Delphi  Sheet Music

Where Did I Go

A song that contemplates what the world will be for our loved ones that we leave behind

For J.Law


Keyboards/Vocals Andy Law

Where Did I go Sheet Music

Dove Sono Andato

An Italian Version of "Where did I go"


Alex Granato Vocals

l'amore  Sempre Vincerà (Love Will Always Win)

A crossover ballad simply stating that there is a place we can all be as one, it is here and now, I wrote the English words and then translated tem into Italian, the were then Itallian lyrics corrected and improved  by Alex Granato


Alex Granato Vocals 

Pie Jesu

This is an original tune I wrote set to a Latin text, it got more and more complex as I wrote it, Anna Dinyes did a remarkable job of sight singing the very complex Soprano and Alto parts.

I will hopefully get this recorded by a full church choir one day.


Vocals Anna Dinyes

Pie Jesu Sheet Music


This is an original tune I wrote set to a Latin text, again I had no idea what I was doing with this tune, but I had so much confincence in Anna, that I let my imagination run riot, and she sings it beautifully.


Vocals Anna Dinyes



Original TV Cop Theme

Space Race 

Theme for Space TV programme 


Theme for Spooky Detective Series 

Memories Of Spain

A flamenco guitar solo, inspired by Spain, again a tune I wrote in the 90's and adapted it for guitar.

Memories of Spain   Sheet Music

Memories Of China

A piano solo, inspired by Chinese culture

Memories of China Sheet Music

Celtic Hoedown

Celtic Hoedown Sheet Music

Fat Cop (TV Theme)

Smalltown Piano Theme

Smalltown Sheet Music

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